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“Woodhaven Outdoors”

Over the past several years, the Mayor and City Council have expanded outdoor recreational opportunities as a result of the high priority residents have placed on enjoying and protecting the natural environment.

The commitment to providing residents with healthy outdoor experiences continued in 2018, when the City of Woodhaven acquired an additional 77 acres of parkland, known as Westwood Property.  By acquiring this rustic area for public use, residents will be able connect with nature in a more passive setting near their homes.  The new nature area can be accessed through city’s continuously developing trail system.  Residents will be able to bike or walk to enjoy the trails, woodlands, wetlands and wildlife within minutes.  The tall trees and the MDEQ protected wetlands will provide educational opportunities to view and study wildlife in their habitat.  With the opening of the new road “Ford Lane”, residents will also be able to park close to the nature area and conveniently access the nature trails when the area officially opens for public use.

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Residents and visitors will find other beautiful parks throughout the City of Woodhaven. Whether you are looking for a fun place to exercise, picnic, play ball, cool off, walk with the family dog, enjoy an outdoor concert, skateboard or ice skate we are sure you will find a park that suits your needs

The Mayor and Council remain committed to developing and maintaining a healthy and vibrant park system.  Recently, a new road, walkway and parking lot were installed at the south end of Civic Center Park providing improved and convenient access to many facilities within 71 acre gem. Other recent improvements include the development of Civic Center Park Inclusive Playground, Disc Golf Course and Splash Pad upgrades. 

Hundreds of people of all ages and abilities utilize the park every day. From senior citizens playing bocce ball and pickle ball to young children enjoying the games of soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and softball.  The activity doesn’t stop with the very young or the older generation based on the continuous fast paced action of high school age kids and young adults participating at the inline skate rink, skate park and sand volleyball courts.  A simpler pace takes place at the popular dog park where animals and humans are enjoying each other’s company in a welcoming destination point away from home.  Almost like a reliable clock ticking throughout the year, from cold to warm weather months, people of all abilities are walking, running and exercising safely and at their own pace away from traffic on fitness and walking trails that wind throughout the park.

A commitment to maintenance and safety checks has remained steadfast at all the city’s parks including Bates Park, Constitution Park, Deerfield Park, Heritage I Park, Heritage IV Park, and Woodhaven Woods Park.  The Woodhaven Parks and Recreation Department and Department of Public Service are responsible the care and upkeep of these special resources.

City of Woodhaven Parks

The City of Woodhaven currently operates seven parks totaling over 216 acres of land. Please see map below.

Bates Park
Located in the northwest part of the City, Bates Park is a 3.8-acre park north of Bates Elementary School. While the school grounds include playgrounds, athletic fields, and parking, the park includes:

  • Multi-purpose field
  • A small ball field

Civic Center Park
With over 71 acres, Civic Center Park is the largest park in the City. It is centrally located, south of West Road, and incorporates City Hall and the Community Center. This community park is a City landmark visible from motorists traveling along I-75. The park contains the following recreation facilities:

  • Gazebo
  • Memorial
  • Fountain
  • Football field
  • Parking areas (2)
  • Skating rink
  • Baseball fields ( 4 fields, 2 lighted)
  • Skate Park
  • Inline Skate Rink
  • Tennis and Pickleball Courts
  • Safety Town
  • Splash Pad
  • Sled hill
  • Picnic pavilion/restrooms
  • Playground (2)
  • Inclusive Playground
  • Sports Practice Fields
  • Sand volleyball courts (2)
  • Concession Building/Restrooms
  • Paved pathways
  • Fitness Trail
  • Dog Park (small & large)
  • Bocce Ball Courts (2)
  • Horseshoe Courts (4)
  • Disc Golf Course

Westwood Nature Area
The 100-acre Westwood Property was donated to the City by the Ford Motor Company in 2017. Bordered to the south, east, and west by the Clee Drain, the property represents one of the largest public accessible natural areas remaining in Woodhaven. Wetlands and open ponds are scattered across the property. Roughly 30 acres of the site is forested.

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Development plans include local trails throughout the area with connection to the Westwood Road pathway, an ADA compliant parking lot, pond and wetland overlooks, a possible picnic pavilion and/or comfort station, and park amenities such as benches, bike racks, and trash receptacles. Soccer fields are proposed for the southwest corner of the property. A tree program, stewardship plan, and educational programs are also under development. Safety and general maintenance upgrades are ongoing.

Constitution Park
Located in the southeast part of the City within a residential subdivision, Constitution Park is a neighborhood park containing a total of 15.8 acres of land bisected by Blakely Drain. The upper portion of the park is accessible from Bradford Road while the lower portion is accessible from Montebello and Maywood roads and includes the following facilities:

  • Multi-purpose field
  • 2 playgrounds
  • Paved pathway
  • Picnic pavilion

Deerfield Park
Deerfield Park is a neighborhood park located along I-75 in the north part of the City within Woodhall Forest Subdivision. It contains 5.1 acres with:

  • Playground
  • Picnic pavilion

Heritage I Park
Heritage I Park is located in the west part of the City within Heritage Square Subdivision. It has 5 acres of land with the following facilities:

  • Picnic pavilion
  • Playground equipment
  • Paved pathway

Heritage IV Park
Heritage IV Park is also located in the west part of the City within Heritage Square Subdivision. It has 5.9 acres of land with the following facilities:

  • Playground equipment (Removed old structure, installed new one in 2015)
  • Swing set
  • Small picnic pavilion
  • Paved pathway

Woodhaven Woods Park
Woodhaven Woods Park is located in the northeast part of the City and is accessible from Mayfair Road. It is a 10-acre open space along Blakely Drain.












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