The city has a curbside recycling program that picks up everyweek. Please please the large recycle bin at the curb on your regular trash disposal day. 
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Items recycled are:

Plastic Containers Plastic containers with a number 1 through number 7 stamped on the bottom surrounded by arrows forming a triangle will be accepted including water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, salad dressing bottles, food trays, and personal care products. No bottles which held motor oil or other toxic fluids. No flower flats or pots. No miscellaneous plastic such as toys,etc. Preparation: Discard cap, Rinse bottle, and place loose in recycle bin to the side with other containers. No need to remove labels.

Glass Bottles and Jars Only clear, rinse and discard lids. Place loose in recycle bin. No florescent tubes, ceramics, dishes, light bulbs, pyrex. Place loose in recycle bin to one side with other containers. Preparation: Discard lid and rinse container. No need to remove labels.

Tin and Aluminum Cans Any food or beverage can is acceptable. No motor oil cans, No pie tins, and No foil. Preparation: Rinse can and if possible, remove bottom and flatten can. No need to remove labels.

Newspapers and Paper Newspaper and everything that comes with the newspaper is acceptable.  You may place newsprint in paper bags. Do Not place newsprint in plastic bags.

Cardboard This includes boxboard/cardboard/paper grocery bags, cereal boxes, cardboard, tissue boxes, shoe boxes and pop cases. No pizza boxes (contains grease), waxed or plastic-lined boxes, frozen food containers (contain plastic liner) or egg cartons. Preparation: Stuff food boxes inside each other. Material must fit in recycle bin or bundle cardboard (2 ft. by 2 ft. by 1 ft.) with string and place next to recycle bin.

Items NOT Recyclable


Recycle Approved Items



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