DDA General Information



DDA General Information

The Woodhaven Downtown Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan, which was adopted on April 15, 2003, sets out a vision of the future for a vibrant Downtown district that meets the needs of residents and provides a destination area for other Downriver communities. The purpose of the Plan is to convert downtown Woodhaven from a suburban model to a new, traditional downtown. The DDA Plan Overview summarizes the plan for residents, business owners, and developers interested in helping to make the plan a reality. A full copy of the Plan is available at the City Clerk's office.

The Central Business District (CBD) is one of the City of Woodhaven's zoning districts. Centered around the intersection of West and Allen Roads, the CBD was established to encourage high quality and distinctive development, furthering the goal of creating a viable downtown, shopping, entertainment, and cultural center in Woodhaven.

CBD property owners should be aware that plans for new development in the CBD are subject to DDA review and approval, while DDA review and approval may also be required for proposed renovations. Section 110-493 Review and Approval Process of Division 13 CBD Central Business District of Article III Districts of the City's Zoning Ordinance outlines the review and approval process for all developments within the CBD. 

The Central Business District Design Guidelines are intended to further implementation of the DDA's Downtown Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan. Graphics, pictures, and examples are incorporated into the Design Guidelines to give a sense of how the City anticipates development within the CBD to look. Designed to complement the standards within the Woodhaven Zoning Ordinance, the Design Guidelines provide a basis on which Concept Plans and applications for Fac§ade Enhancement Grants can be reviewed.


Facade Grant Program Package
In January of 2004, the DDA established a Facade Enhancement Grant Program with the purpose of encouraging architecturally appropriate improvements to Downtown Facades, halting property value deterioration, promoting economic growth, and preserving Downtown Woodhaven's physical resources.
An inviting, attractive, well-maintained Façade will contribute to the success of any business. The Facade Grant Program provides a grant equal to 50 percent of renovation expenses, up to $25,000, in return for designs consistent with the Central Business District Design Guidelines. The Facade Grant Program Package includes a Facade Grant Program Application Form. Please contact 734-675-4959 for more information

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