Fire Pit  Information

Woodhaven Homeowners may have outdoor fire in approved container with the following  stipulations.

An outdoor fire utilized to cook food

Be no closer than 15 feet from any structure in an approved container.

Not be utilized for any waste disposal purposes.

Use fuel consisting of only charcoal or seasoned dry firewood.

Be constantly attended until fire is extinguished.

Be accompanied with water for extinguishing purposes in portable fire extinguishers, buckets, barrels or garden hoses.

Be protected from spreading fire to foliage, ground cover, landscaping materials
and trees.

Winds not to exceed 8 mph.

Size of approved container will be no larger than 3 feet wide by 3 feet high.
Examples of approved containers.

The fire must cease and be extinguished, if any type of complaint is lodged to the Woodhaven Police and/or Fire Department about the open burning.

Field Fire


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