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Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Control Shelter

Location:                                                                               Shelter Phone Number:  
21860 Van Horn Road                                                            (734)675-4956
Wood haven MI 48183

The Wood haven/Trenton Animal Shelter is located on Van Horn and Hall Road next to the Department of Public Service in the City of Wood haven.
The Shelter is open for ADOPTIONS:                                         Animal Control Officer Office Hours: 
Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00pm                                                8:00 am to 9:00 am 
                                                                                                             2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Closed Sundays on Holidays                                                           
                                                                                                                Closed Weekends and Holidays

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Visit our fpm page to see animals available for adoption.
Please click here to view the fpm/Trenton Animal Shelter fpm Page

City of Woodhaven Ordinances

Article I. In General
Article II Cat Impound
Article II Dogs
Article IV. Horseback Riding

City of Trenton Ordinances

1 Index for Codes
Article II Administration and Enforcement
Article IV. Dogs
Article I. In General
Article III Cruelty & Related
Article V. Cats

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Volunteer Application Form
Application to apply to Volunteer at the Woodhaven - Trenton Animal Shelter.
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Animal Control Department

The Cities of Woodhaven and Trenton have a joint agreement to provide Animal Control services to both cities. The city employs two animal control officers - one full-time and one part-time. Animal Control provides the following services for both cities:
Animal Adoption
Lost and Found Animals
Animal Rescue
Animals Running at large
Citizen Complaints Regarding Neglected Animals

Spring is here!

With the arrival of spring comes green grass, budding trees, and flowering bulbs. Wildlife emerges from hibernation and new babies are born. Rabbits, raccoons and ducks are just a few of the animals common to our area that are nesting in our yards. Rabbits will nest around shrubs, air conditioning units, under decks, and even in the middle of your backyard grass. If you find a rabbit's nest do not touch the babies. The mother will not return if her young are touched. If possible, do not remove nest until babies have left. If this is not possible, contact Animal Control to have them removed.

Ducks are also nesting under trees and shrubs. It takes approximately one month for the eggs to hatch. Please leave the duck and the nest alone and do not try to feed. The mother will lead her ducklings to food and water. If it is not possible to leave the nest where it is, please call Animal Control and they will remove the eggs.

Raccoons will have their babies inside an uncapped chimney. Make sure you have a chimney cap and make sure it is well secured. It will also help if you clean you chimney every spring. If you have babies in your chimney, you have to wait until the babies are old enough to leave (2 months) You can "help" the mother remove the babies by making a lot of noise in and around the chimney (example: placing radio in fireplace) Inspect and repair holes and cracks near attic areas and keep trees trimmed around top of house to prevent raccoons from gaining access to attic. Also leave a light on in the attic.

If you have an animal in an attic or chimney and must have it removed, please try a pest control and wildlife service. One option is Advantage Pest Control (734) 637-4687, or you may choose to use any other company. These companies are better equipped for removing animals from attics and chimneys. They can also handle any bat, rodent or bee problems.

If your trash is stored outside, make sure trash bags especially those with food, are place in locking trash containers. Feeding the birds also attracts other wildlife and feral cats.

Help prevent wildlife problems before it is to late. Keep your home and outbuildings in good repair. Make sure all vents, chimneys and holes are repaired. Place heavy wire around your deck to keep animals from burrowing. Keep your trash locked up. Keep your garage door closed at night. Clean up weeds and unwanted shrubs. If you take away the food source and hiding places, the animal will move elsewhere. Also, a new and safe way to chase away pesty animals is a motion detector water spray device. There are many on the market, one option is to Google "motion detector water sprayer" for more information.

Animal Control has live traps to help catch NUISANCE animals only. Traps are a $50.00 deposit which will be refunded when trap is returned. Traps are given on a first come first serve basis. There is a $1.00 per day rental fee. Residents who have their own trap, will be charged a $5.00 per animal pick-up fee. If a resident has a trap of their own and is trapping, a DNR permit is required. Animal control will not pick up that animal unless you have permit. Please call the DNR at (248) 359-9045. There is NO trapping allowed on the weekends. If you have any other wildlife concerns please call Animal Control at 734-675-4956.

Animal Control would like to thank our residents for helping wildlife before they become nuisance problems.

Animal Control Officer's                    
Becky Eicher                                Melissa Lawler       
Phone: (734) 675-4956                Phone: (734)675-4956                

Animal Shelter Assistants               Mr. Beans (CEO)     
Connie Inman                                  Mr Beans
Kristi Hamrick

Shelter Facebook Page

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