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Maintenance Position 

The items listed below do not necessarily depict all work to keep the facility in order.  The individual working in this classification may be required to perform additional work in order to keep the building appearance, inside and out, acceptable to the public. 

The items below are in addition to general set-ups for programs (i.e. tables and chairs, etc), re-occurring programs and special events.

Clean all restroom areas completely including dividers and all fixtures, toilets, sinks, replace paper products as needed. Please clean under hand dryers and between urinals.
Empty all trash containers.
Sweep, clean and mop lobby area.
Sanitize children’s toys and play area.
Clean entryway on the outside and inside of building.  Front and back of building.
Remove all black marks on floors.
Dust mop and wet mop main hall and small rooms in accordance with event schedule.
Clean drinking fountains.
Clean Parkview room including counter tops, sinks and floor. 
Vacuum Parkview room.  Clean upholstery on chairs when needed 
Vacuum and/or sweep all offices and entryway rugs.
Vacuum senior wing & senior study
Vacuum and dust fireplace hearth and surrounding area.
Vacuum all ceiling registers.
Clean all windows inside and out. (No outside windows during cold weather months)  
Salt and clearing of lite snow from sidewalk leading to entryway from parking lot.

  DPS is responsible for main snow removal and salting of entryways at community center. 

Clean kitchen.  All stainless steel areas need to be cleaned with cleaner, and sinks scoured
All kitchen floors to be mopped and cleaned completely including under counters.  This also includes the portable bar, carts etc.
Clean floors in all non-traffic areas, example: store rooms, slop room areas, storage areas, senior storage, staff restroom.
Check condition of all walls and remove tape, debris and clean accordingly
Cut grass in Safety Town.
Cut grass in Bocce Ball Area.
Maintain and prep Bocce Ball Courts on Monday mornings.
Keep safety town, the Lily Pad, Big Timber Playscape, and outdoor restrooms clean and functioning properly
Water all plants

As needed
Clean all light fixtures inside and out. Make sure another staff person assists when using a ladder.
Clean refrigerator, ovens and all kitchen appliances.
Check Supplies needed and contact supervisor when inventory is getting low.
Prep any items as they occur seasonally, and with special events

Set up sound system & chairs every Monday & Thursday for 11 AM Chair Exercise Class.
Set up & remove mats once per month for music class
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